Topper 12 Gauze Swab Non-Sterile (10cm x 10cm)


10cm x 10cm – Disposable non-sterile Topper 12 gauze swabs for quicker and more efficient removal of fluid, help to protect and cushion wounds.

Each pack contains 100 pieces.

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Manufacturer: Systagenix

Disposable Topper 12 non-sterile Swabs are wound dressing sponges made from a unique rayon/polyester non-woven sponge dressing that provide improved strength, absorbency and scrubbing texture compared to the traditional gauzes.

  •  Protects and cushions wounds
  •  Provides a more efficient removal of fluid
  • Simple to use
  • Decreases the chance of disrupting the wound
  • Can be used to dress, prep, scrub and clean.

Size: 10cm x 10cm

Colour: White

Packing: Each pack contains 100 pieces.



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