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Denfil Etchant 37 Etching Gel

£17.95 £11.95

Etching gel with 37% phosphoric acid . Unique formula guarantees slump-free properties & stain-free tooth surface.

Each pack contains 5 x 3ml syringe plus 20 blue disposable tips.


Well-Prep Root Canal Cleaner


Well-Prep composed of Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA) a chelating agent and an oxidising agent (Urea-peroxide) used for efficient cleaning and easier preparation of the root canal.

Each pack contains 3 x 6g syringes plus disposable tips.


Endo Aide Gutta Percha Points Organiser


A comprehensive range of assorted standard GP points packed in a handy circular box with 12 size-indicated compartments for easy identification.

Each pack contains 240 pieces (20pcs of each size).


Endo Aide Organiser For Absorbent Paper Point


Endo Aide Organiser is a practical box with 12 size-indicated compartments conveniently packed with comprehensive range of assorted absorbent paper points (sizes 15 to 80).

Each pack contains 420 pieces (35pcs of each size).