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Bowie & Dick Test Packs

£49.95 £37.95

Daily Bowie & Dick test packs for detection of air leaks, steam penetration, inadequate air removal from autoclaves during steam sterilization

Each box contains 20 test packs.

Denfil Etchant 37 Etching Gel


Etching gel with 37% phosphoric acid . Unique formula guarantees slump-free properties & stain-free tooth surface.

Each pack contains 5 x 3ml syringe plus 20 blue disposable tips.


Well-Prep Root Canal Cleaner


Well-Prep composed of Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA) a chelating agent and an oxidising agent (Urea-peroxide) used for efficient cleaning and easier preparation of the root canal.

Each pack contains 3 x 6g syringes plus disposable tips.


Endo Aide Gutta Percha Points Organiser


A comprehensive range of assorted standard GP points packed in a handy circular box with 12 size-indicated compartments for easy identification.

Each pack contains 240 pieces (20pcs of each size).


Endo Aide Organiser For Absorbent Paper Point


Endo Aide Organiser is a practical box with 12 size-indicated compartments conveniently packed with comprehensive range of assorted absorbent paper points (sizes 15 to 80).

Each pack contains 420 pieces (35pcs of each size).



Helix Test Kit

£69.95 £54.95

Daily steam penetration test for autoclaves. The Helix-check hollow load Process Challenge Device is a reusable device with disposable chemical indicator strips.

Each kit contains 1 Helix Device + 250 strips.