Tg ImplaCem Dual Curing Resin Based Implant Cement (1 x 5ml)


TgImplaCem is the most up-to-date developed luting cement, dual curing, semi-permanent implant cement with an elastic phase before setting.

Each 1 x 5ml syringe + 10 mixing tips  

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Manufacturer: Technical & General

TgImplaCem is the most up-to-date developed luting cement, dual curing, semi-permanent, resin based occlusally stable specially developed for implant-retained restorations and all super structures such as crowns and bridges and is suitable with all material combinations.

  • Passes through a plastic phase before final setting thus allowing easy, convenient & clean removal of excess cement
  • Very low displacement resistance and thus extremely low film thickness
  • Due to highly cross-linked, ductile polymer structure, high compressive strength and hermetic sealing are achieved
  • Luted restorations are effortlessly removed without damage with standard devices (Crown Butler, Corona Flex)
  • Excess material can easily be removed in large pieces (no crumbling) during plastic phase
  • Compatible with all conventional material combination, i.e.Zirconium and metal frameworks, ceramics, titanium
  • Antibacterial, eugenol-free, odourless and tasteless; natural opaque colour for screening metallic abutments.

Instructions for use

  • Carefully check fit, occlusion and proximal contact points. Complete finishing procedures.
  • Bleed the syringe, insert the plunger in the body of the cartridge. Remove the cap and attach mixing cannula. Dispense the material with uniform pressure.
  • Apply a thin layer of TgImplaCem directly into the superstructure, carefully position the restoration on the implant abutment with slight pressure; then press down firmly.
  • Remove excess material during the gel/plastic phase, after around 2-3 minutes, with a suitable instrument.
  • The working time at room temperature is around 80 seconds. When tgimplaCem is used with translucent material s (e.g.Thin layers of ceramic provisional crowns and bridges),increase exposure to light through the material to 30-40 seconds per surface.

Colour: Natural Opaque Shade

Packing: Each pack contains 1 x 5ml syringe + 10 mixing tips 


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