Transform Heat Mouldable Impression Trays


Transform heat mouldable single use impression trays.

Each pack contains 12 pieces.



Manufacturer: Astek Innovations

Transform heat mouldable single use impression trays.

  • Facilitates impressions where unusual soft tissue, bone shape and tooth position exists.
  • Quick, simple and easy to mould using hot water- can be moulded in less than 60 seconds at chairside
  • Increases patient comfort
  • Creates precise primary impressions first time
  • 3 colour coded sizes in dentate and edentulous shapes

Size: Small, Medium & Large

Colour: Blue, Green & Pink

Packing: Each pack contains 12 pieces.

Additional information

Size & Type

Dentate Large Lower # 1, Dentate Large Upper #2, Dentate Medium Lower # 3, Dentate Medium Upper #4, Dentate Small Lower # 5, Dentate Small Upper #6, Endentulous Large Lower #7, Endentulous Large Upper #8, Endentulous Medium Lower #9, Endentulous Medium Upper #10, Endentulous Small Lower #11, Endentulous Small Upper #12


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