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Endo Aide Gutta Percha Points Organiser


A comprehensive range of assorted standard GP points packed in a handy circular box with 12 size-indicated compartments for easy identification.

Each pack contains 240 pieces (20pcs of each size).


TDV Microcut Hack Saw


Microcut is a stainless steel hack-saw used for the removal of resin, adhesive, cement & amalgam excesses from proximals.

Each pack contains 1 hack saw + 1 saw blade + 1 diamond strip.

NovahDent Instrument Disinfectant Bath


Instrument disinfectant tank with hinged clear lid and inner removable strainer tray for use with all brands of disinfectant instrument cleaner solutions. WEB ONLY PRICE

Each pack contains one piece.

G-Cem Capsules


A  dual-cure self-adhesive universal resin cement delivered in a capsule, designed for the adhesive luting of all ceramic, metal or composite indirect restorations.

Each pack contains 50 capsules.

Well Paste – Infected Root Canal Filling Material


Well-Paste is a filling material for infected root canals. It contains mainly Calcium Hydroxide and Barium Sulphate with radiopacity and antibacterial characteristics.

Each Starter Kit box contains  1 x 2g syringe of Well-Paste, 20 disposable tips & 1 extension holder.

Vestige Putty (Fast)


Vestige Putty is an additional polymerisation silicone (A-silicone) impression material. WEB ONLY PRICE

Each box contains 300ml Base +  300ml Catalyst + 2 measuring scoops.