TDV Microcut Hack Saw


Microcut is a stainless steel hack-saw used for the removal of resin, adhesive, cement & amalgam excesses from proximals.

Each pack contains 1 hack saw + 1 saw blade + 1 diamond strip.

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Manufacturer: TDV Dental

Microcut is a saw bow made of stainless steel to which saws or interchangeable sandpaper strips can be attached. It is the only device really assuring safety to the professional and the patient for the removal of resin, adhesive, cement and amalgam excesses from proximals, particularly when access to the interproximal is not possible due to the excessive amounts of filling material. Due to its very thin blade (0.05mm) any damage to the contact points can be eliminated. Refills of saw blades and sandpaper strips are available and sold separately. All components are Autoclavable by any means at 126º C, 147kPa, 16min.


  • It is the safest way to remove excess from the interproximal area
  • Eliminates damage to contact points
  • Safer and more comfortable for the patient
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Cost effective
  • Autoclavable
Packing: Each pack contains 1 microcut frame/bow + 1 saw blade + 1 diamond strip.


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