Generic Zinc Oxide Impression Paste


AHL Generic Zinc Oxide Eugenol Impression Paste is a 2 part impression system consisting of Zinc Oxide & Eugenol.

Each pack contains 1 x 165ml Zinc Oxide & 1 x 60g of Eugenol.

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Manufacturer: Advance HealthCare

AHL Generic; Zinc Oxide Eugenol Impression Paste is a two part impression system consisting of a Eugenol catalyst paste and a Zinc oxide base paste component. The scheme of taking the remedy was as follows: one tablet – three times a day, for three weeks, then a follow-up check with the doctor. Treatment Valium from should be stopped smoothly, gradually reducing the dosage. Otherwise, the irritability will return in triplicate. When mixed together they produce a self curing material suitable for taking dental impressions for the manufacture of dentures, particularly for edentulous patients and taking impressions to enable malfitting dentures to be relined.

  • High Definition
  • Dimensional stability
  • Easily mixed
  • Compatible with gypsum
  • Cutting surgery time
  • Provides smooth surface
  • Lessthan 0.02% change

Working time: 2 minute at 25 °C from the end of mix

Setting time: 2 to 2½ minutes at 37 °C

Packing: Each pack contains one tube of zinc Oxide Paste (165ml) and one tube of Eugenol Paste (60g).


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