Alphasil Perfect Activator Paste

£11.95 £9.95

Alphasil activator paste hardener is easy to dose & can be mixed sparingly, easily & controllably. DBTL Free.

Each box contains 1 x 60ml tube of activator paste.


Alphasil Perfect Soft Putty Material

£18.25 £15.95

Alphasil Perfect Soft Putty is a soft putty material with optimized filters make perfect the homogeneity of the mix. WEB ONLY PRICE

Each box contains 1 x 900 ml tub of putty + measuring scoop.


Alveogyl Paste

£28.75 £25.75

Antiseptic, analgesic self-eliminating paste for treatment of of dry socket or prophylactic post extraction dressing in patients with dry socket history.

Each box contains 1 x 10g Jar


Aurora Prophy Powders

£5.95 £3.75

Aurora Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate based air polishing and cleaning prophy powder for air polishing prophylaxis treatment.

Each bottle contains 130g.


Aurora Prophylaxis Paste (Oil Free)

£5.95 £4.45

Aurora oil free prophylaxis paste contains a selected blend of abrasives to ensure optimum removal of plaque and tartar without any appreciable abrasion to enamel.

Each Jar contains 300g.


Aurora Prophylaxis Paste (Regular)

£4.45 £2.25

Aurora regular prophylaxis paste contains a selected blend of abrasives to ensure optimum removal of plaque and tartar without any appreciable abrasion to enamel.

Each Jar contains 250g.


Bite Covers To Protect Imaging Plates

£20.00 £15.00

Size 2 (3x4cm) – Bite cover to protect the imaging plates from cross contamination, mechanical damage and information loss caused by ambient light.

Each pack contains 300 pieces.



Bowie & Dick Test Packs

£49.95 £39.95

Daily Bowie & Dick test packs for detection of air leaks, steam penetration, inadequate air removal from autoclaves during steam sterilization

Each box contains 20 test packs.


C-Blade Gutta Cutter

£63.95 £54.95

C-Blade is an stylish cordless handpiece for fast, precise and safe cutting of excess gutta percha points. WEB ONLY PRICE

Each box contains 1 handpiece plus 4 different shape cutting tips & a charger.


Codyson Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

£180.00 £124.95

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath with 2.5 litre capacity stainless steel tank, low noise emission & built-in heater.

Each box contains 1 ultrasonic bath plus power cable, plug and users instructions.


Composite Polishing Kit (CA0310)

£18.95 £14.95

Polishing kit for polishing occlusal and lingual surfaces of composites/microfill restorations.

Each kit contains 2 Dura-Green (CN1 & FL2), 4 Dura-White Stones (CN1 & FL2), 4 CompoSite Points and 3 CompoSite Fine Points.


Deli-Kit Putty Fast

£28.95 £19.95

Deli-kit Body Fast is a fast putty impression material with snap-set technology and high deformation strength.

Each pack contains 600ml/1000g (Base + Catalyst) i.e. 2 x 300ml/500g & 2 spoons.


Denfil Composite Hybrid (Syringe Type)


Denfil Syringe Refill Pack – Denfil is a universal light-cured micro hybrid composite resin for use in both Posterior and Anterior restorations.

Each pack contains 1 x 4g syringe 


DeSen Desensitising Solution

£19.95 £14.95

Desen is a non-glutaraldeyde desensitising liquid for the treatment of cervical and dental hypersensitivity.

Each box contains 5ml bottle.


EG Select Etching Gel & Tips

£7.75 £4.95

Etching gel with 37% phosphoric acid . Unique formula guarantees slump-free properties & stain-free tooth surface.

Each pack contains 1x12g etching gel & 20 disposable tips.



EsTemp NE Temporary Cement

£27.95 £21.95

A Zinc oxide non-eugenol based temporary cement suitable for various applications.

Each Pack contains 2 x 10g syringe + Eco Tips 


Flex-bend Saliva Ejector (Vented)

£2.95 £1.65

Disposable saliva ejector, which holds itself and the patients tongue out of the way, shaped like a ‘G’ clamp. Ideal for patients with sensitive tissue.

Each pack contains 100 pieces.


Helix Test Kit

£69.95 £53.95

Daily steam penetration test for autoclaves. The Helix-check hollow load Process Challenge Device is a reusable device with disposable chemical indicator strips.

Each kit contains 1 Helix Device + 250 strips.


NovahDent Adaptors For Evacuation

£10.95 £8.45

Dual purpose double adaptors for saliva ejectors and suction tubes. Adaptors can be used to fit aspirator tips and saliva ejectors onto 11 mm and 16 mm diameter HVE hose equipment.

Each pack contains 5 sets (5 small + 5 large).


NovahDent Bendy Brush Applicators

£15.95 £10.95

Bendy Brush Applicators with nylon bristles are disposable applicator brushes that are bendable for precise application in difficult to reach areas.

Each box contains 144 pieces.


NovahDent Cotton Rolls

£3.95 £2.95

100% cotton rolls are highly absorbent and pure White. Its flexibility conforms easily, maintains its shape when wet and are packaged in plastic for protection.

Each Box contains 600 pieces.


NovahDent Intra-oral Tips (Clear)

£9.75 £6.95

Clear – Intra oral tips for use on A-Silicone or bite registration in 1:1 or 1:2 ratio cartridges. Fits Pink and Green mixing tips.

Each pack contains 100 pieces.