Endo Aide Gutta Percha Points Organiser

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A comprehensive range of assorted standard GP points packed in a handy circular box with 12 size-indicated compartments for easy identification.

Each pack contains 240 pieces (20pcs of each size).


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Manufacturer: Spident

Endo Aide Organiser is a practical, ergonomically designed box with 12 size-indicated compartments conveniently packed with comprehensive range of assorted standard Gutta Percha points (sizes 15 to 80). Gutta Percha points are hand rolled from the finest Gutta Percha to accurate tolerances, consistency in size and shape. ISO colour-coded for ease of identification.

  • Handy convenient circular box
  • Time saving and convenient
  • Comprehensive range of sizes
  • Colour coded

Sizes: Assorted sizes 15 to 80.

Packing: Each pack contains 240pcs (20pcs of each size)


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