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DEHP Disposable Anaesthetic Needles


Sterile, single use anaesthetic needles with domed plastic hub colour coded according to diameter. 11mm butt end. Available in long, short and extra short sizes. All needles are in Imperial (Inch) threaded..

Each Box contains 100 pieces.

Tg Putty Hand Mix (Fast)


tgputty is a highly proven impression material based on VPS. Suitable for first impressions, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays.

Each box contains 2 x Jars of 262ml Base and Catalyst paste with 2 spoons


Tg Tempolux Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

£44.95 £34.95

tg tempolux is a self curing 10:1 premium bis acrylic temporary crown and bridge material for use in fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges, temporary inlays and onlays, long term temporaries and temporary veneers.

Each pack contains 1 automix cartridge 50ml/76gm (10:1) plus 10 mixing tips.

TranTemp Temporary Crown & Bridge Material


Trantemp is a self curing aesthetic and temporization material for use in the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers.  WEB ONLY PRICE

Each pack one automix cartridge 65g (10:1) and 15 mixing tips.

Luxacore Z-Post System Kit


Complete system for post endodontic restorations, combining LuxaCore Z, LuxaPost and LuxaBond. With the premium composite LuxaCoreZ-Dual.

Each Kit contains LuxaCore Z-Dual Smartmix A3 Syringe 9g, Smartmix Tips x 10, Endo Tips x 10, LuxaPost 1.25mm x 5, LuxaPost ………

Filpost Posts Starter Pack


Starter Pack – Pure titanium anatomically shaped passive post system. Adjustable titanium posts can be bent and cut before insertion.

Each 12 posts (6 small Red + 6 large Blue) plus 1 universal groover.


My-Oradent Toothpowder With SLS

£24.95 £19.95

My-Oradent Toothpowder developed for cleaning and whitening of teeth, removing stains and plaque and providing protection to the commonly occurring plaque-induced gum diseases.

Each pack contains 1 x 6 Jars (each jar contains 50g powder)


Canal Plus Gel

£28.95 £24.95

A lubricating gel for root canal preparation. Facilitates root canal preparation.

Each box contains 5g syringe + stopper + 5 tips