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Composite Finishing Kit CA0306


Composite Finishing Kit CA or FG Shank for removing subgingival flash and finishing composite/microfill fillings.

Each kit contains Dura-Green (3 each CN1 & FL2) and Dura-White (3 each CN1 & FL2).


Composite Polishing Kit (CA0310)

£18.95 £14.95

Polishing kit for polishing occlusal and lingual surfaces of composites/microfill restorations.

Each kit contains 2 Dura-Green (CN1 & FL2), 4 Dura-White Stones (CN1 & FL2), 4 CompoSite Points and 3 CompoSite Fine Points.

Enamel Adjustment Kit (CA0307)


The Enamel Adjustment Kit is designed for intra-oral adjustments of natural dentition or porcelain and super polishing the adjusted surfaces.

Each kit contains 3 Dura White Stones and 9 Ceramiste Points.

Hiluster Plus Polishing System (Kit)


Hiluster PLUS Polishing System takes advantage of the latest fine particle abrasive technology that is optimized for today’s sophisticated composite restorations.

Each kit contains 3 GlossPlus flames, 3 GlossPlus minipoints, 3 GlossPlus cups, GlossPlus discs; 2 HilusterPLUS Dia polisher frames, 2 Hiluster PLUS Dia polisher Minipoints, 2 HilusterPLUS Dia polisher cups and HilusterPLUS Dia polisher discs.

Porcelain Adjustment Kit (HP301)


The Porcelain Adjustment Kit is designed for chairside adjustment of porcelain restorations and polishing adjusted surfaces.

Each kit contains 3 Dura-White Stones for adjusting, 9 Ceramiste Points in 3 Grit Ranges from finishing to polishing.

Super-Snap Rainbow Technique C/A Kit


Super-Snap is designed for easy, fast and safe contouring, finishing and polishing of all microfilled and hybrid composites.

Each  kit contains 100 Standard Discs, 80 Mini Discs, 40 Polystrips, 2 Dura-White Stones (Shapes CN1 & FL2), Composite Fine Midi-Point and 2 CA Mandrels.