A glass ionomer cement is a dental restorative material used for dental fillings and luting cements. These tooth-coloured materials are used as restorative materials for anterior teeth (particularly for eroded areas, Class III and V cavities).

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Fuji IX GP Handmix Glass Ionomer Cement


Refills – Fuji IX GP Handmix is a packable glass ionomer in powder/liquid version ideal as a base or core build-up in Class I, II & V restorations.

Each bottle of power contains 15g & each bottle of liquid contains 6.4ml.

Fuji IX GP Extra GI Capsules


Packable glass ionomer restorative. Fuji IX GP Extra has an improvement in translucency over the original Fuji IX GP and therefore has a more natural appearance.

Each Pack contains 50 capsules.

Diamond 90 Cement


Powder & Liquid – Diamond GPC (Glass Polyphosphonate Cement) is a new generation of restorative material.

Each box contains 10g Powder + 7ml Liquid.

Diamond Core Cement


Powder & Liquid – Diamond Core utilises Kemdents unique polyphosphonate cement (GPC) technology to provide a superior high strength restorative material.

Each box contains 10g Powder + 7ml Liquid.

Diamond Micro Luting Cement


Powder & Liquid – Diamond Micro Luting Cement is a resin-reinforced self curing glass ionomer for permanent cementation.

Each box contains 10g Powder + 7ml Liquid.

Ketac Fil Plus Hand Mix


Handmix radiopaque conventional glass ionomer filling material offering high fluoride release & helps to achieve virtually invisible anterior restorations.

Each Starter kit contains 1 x 10g powder & 1 x 10ml liquid. Each powder refill contains 10g and liquid refill contains 10ml.